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Simple Steps to Get Involved

Follow these steps and you'll be volunteering in no time:

  1. Browse the summary of volunteer opportunities
  2. Register as a volunteer (Lets you see all the information!)
  3. Enter your profile information (optional), but highly recommended
  4. Browse or Search all the volunteer listing opportunities
  5. Use your email account to receive automatic notification of any listings that match your interests and skills profile
Volunteer FAQs:
    1.  The system will provide a complete matching run every night.  All matches will be posted
            to volunteer accounts each day.
    2.  If a volunteer finds a match, they do not have to delete their information. They can simply
            "hide" it by marking the appropriate box on their Profile.  Then when available to do more
            volunteering they just need to uncheck the hide box.
    3.  When completing a Profile, it is suggested that a volunteer choose no more than three (3)
            primary skill sets / interest areas.  This will maximize the potential for matching.
    4.  Once matches have been made, a Volunteer is encouraged to contact the organizations
            by sending emails through the website.  These emails are
            secure, and any personal identity information is not revealed until the Volunteer decides to
            provide it to the Organization.
    5.   The database is dynamic, with changes to Organization
            Listings occurring frequently.  Volunteers who do not seem to be matching with the needs
            of Organizations are recommended to review and tweak their Profiles.  See item #3 above.

Register as a Volunteer Now!


The network connects volunteers with nonprofit organizations. Every day numerous skilled volunteers search for opportunities to help out in our community. When volunteers see your listing they click on it to connect with your organization and get involved.

Registration is available for all nonprofit organizations and includes the following easy steps:

  1. Request an Account with us. Once approved, usually within 24 hours your login will be active and Listing(s) can be created.
  2. Add your organization by creating listings that describe the type of skills needed to fill your volunteer opportunities/needs. You can create as many listings as you need.
  3. Receive Automatic Email Notification when any volunteer registers with the system and has the skill sets you are looking for! You can also, search the database of volunteers at any time to fill your critical needs.
Organization FAQs:
    1.  The system does a complete matching run every night.  The
            following day, the list(s) of matched volunteers becomes available upon login to the
            Organizations account.  Organizations have the capability of listing opportunities for
            ongoing volunteer needs, as well as, single, special events.
    2.  Organizations should open the list(s) of Volunteers, by clicking on the magnifier icon
            associated with each Listing in the summary information.
    3.  Some Volunteers may provide their personal emails, but all Volunteers may be contacted
            through the system, by sending emails via the system.
    4.  It is suggested that in the creation of Listings, that no more than two or three (2-3) specific
            skill sets or interest areas be selected.  This will generate the highest number of matches.              Creating additional Listings is more productive than trying to capture all experience areas
            on a single Listing.  There is also a new category for General Office Assistance.
    5.  If a Listing is not generating Matches, then revise it, usually to make it simpler.  If it is
            generating many Matches which are not specific enough to the Organization's needs,
            then add further experience areas. 
    6.  Organizations may "Hide" Listings until needed once they have been created.  Simply check
            the "Hide" box associated with the Listing.  When ready to do more recruiting, simply
            uncheck the "Hide" box and matching will again begin.
    7.  Organizations are encouraged to enter new and revised listings as their needs evolve.  Many
            Volunteers "surf" available listings to see what is available, and will then change their profiles
            to create a match.
    8.  While some Volunteers may choose to provide their personal emails, some will not.  Contacts
            with all volunteers may be made through the matched list of volunteers available for each
            submitted Listing.  These lists may be sorted by both name and date for ease of use.
    9.  When creating Listings, it should be remembered that availability requirements are the first
            priority in matching volunteers to listings.  The more specific the availability requirements are,
            the less matches that will be found.  If availability is flexible, then it is recommended that no
            specific days or hours should be specified.

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